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Teeth Whitening

We offer a full line of whitening options to best fit your budget and schedule.  Whether you need them whitening TODAY or want a more subtle change over 1-2 weeks, Kumfer Family Dental has you covered.


Opalescence® Go: Don't have time to wait?  Our On The Go whitening trays come prepackaged, so you can grab them after your appointment or stop by between appointments to pick up a box!


Opalescence® : This take-home whitening gel is delivered via a custom-made tray that is tailored to your smile.  Because they are custom-made, there is less mess and they are more comfortable.  These trays allow you to whiten for 30 minutes or overnight.


Opalescence® Boost: Need teeth whitening in a hurry?  Boost is an in-office whitening where you see results in an hour or less!  

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