Save Money at the Dentist by Maximizing Your Benefits!

Halloween has come and gone and there are less than two months left in 2018! Now is the perfect time to get in to see the dentist! Here are some things you should know about your dental benefits:

  1. Most dental insurance plans cover 2 cleanings a year at no additional cost. This is often a benefit that gets over looked when thinking about maximizing your dental benefits but if you haven’t been to the dentist since April, now is a good time to get your teeth looking beautiful for 2019!

  2. Double your insurance spending by spreading treatment over 2 years! Most insurance companies have a yearly maximum amount to be spent per person. This maximum generally resets every January. If you have a large amount of treatment that needs to be done and you exceed your maximum, now is the time to plan to use the most of your benefits this year and continue treatment in 2019 when your benefits renew!

  3. Don’t pay your deductible twice! If you have had treatment in 2018, but haven’t exceeded your insurance maximum, don’t put treatment off until 2019 as you will need to pay your deductible again in the New Year.

If you have any specific insurance questions, please give our office a call at 317-887-0700 and we can help you out!

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