5 Signs You Are Clinching or Grinding Your Teeth at Night

Nighttime Clinching and Grinding of the teeth, also called Bruxism, occurs in approximately 30% of adults. Bruxism is often linked to stress with increasing occurrence the more emotional of physical stress a person feels. Here are 5 warning signs of night time bruxism.

  1. Morning Head Aches. During nighttime bruxism, the amount of force applied to the muscles of the head and neck reach a fever pitch causing tension headaches.

  2. Jaw Locking. The stress of clinching and grinding often causes the muscles and tendons to be over worked and thus don’t function properly in moving the disc in the Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ. The disc can easily be shifted out of position causing your jaw to “lock” in place.

  3. Jaw Pain. Pain in this area can often be linked to over active muscles around the TMJ. Constant use of the muscles around the TMJ during night time clinching or grinding causes the muscles to be constantly sore and painful.

  4. Worn Teeth. This is a later warning signs of prolonged bruxism. While this warning sign is less painful and less noticeable to the untrained eye, it can be the most problematic. Over years, a flat dentition can cause problems with the look and function of your teeth and treatment can be extensive and expensive to fix. The best fix is prevention.

  5. Gum Recession. Just like worn down teeth, the pressure created on the gums from heavy bruxism can be significant and cause the gums to begin to recede from the teeth.

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