A Case Report: Using a Bridge to Replace a Missing Tooth

Recently, we had a patient come into our office, missing a tooth on the upper front right. The teeth surrounding the space both had larger fillings already present. It is always important to replace missing teeth to allow for adequate chewing as well as limiting wear and tear on other teeth. We discussed with the patient the pros and cons of placing an Implant or a bridge to replace this missing tooth. In this case, a bridge was a great option and here is why:

  1. Adds strength to neighboring teeth with large fillings. Teeth with large fillings may eventually crack over a long period of time. A bridge will cover the teeth next to the space to act as a brace to prevent those cracks from forming and fracturing the tooth.

  2. A bridge is often cheaper than an implant. Not only is the initial cost lower, but most insurance plans cover up to 50% for a bridge. Few insurance companies cover the bulk cost of an implant.

  3. A bridge is a much faster process than an implant. Typically, a bridge takes 2 weeks to fabricate and be seated. An implant often takes longer, up to 8 months to finish depending on healing.

With this bridge, it was very important to get a great look but because this tooth does a lot of chewing it needed to be strong. We used an all-ceramic or all-tooth colored bridge, making it look natural and blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. At the end of the day, the patient was very happy with the results.

Are you missing a tooth? Give us a call at 317-887-0700 or make an appointment online at KumferFamilyDental.com and we can discuss your options.

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