Begin 2018 with a Brighter Smile!

As the saying goes “New Year, a New You!” At Kumfer Family Dental, we are saying, “New Year, Renew Your Smile” with ½ off of all of our whitening options until January 31st, 2018. Do you need a refresher on what our professional whitening options include? Here is a quick rundown on the different whitening options:

  • In-Office Professional Whitening:

  • Leave the office with a Whiter Smile in around 1hour

  • Includes custom trays for at home to keep your smile white long term.

  • Teeth continue to whiten for up to 24 hours after initial application.

  • Usually costs $300 but until January 31st 2018, come in and get In-Office Whitening for $150!

  • Take Home Professional Whitening

  • Whiten on your time at home.

  • Whiter teeth in 1-2 weeks with daily applications.

  • How it works: Custom made whitening trays are worn for 4+ hours, usually best if worn over night.

  • Usually costs $200 but until January 31st 2018, come in and get Take Home Whitening for $100!

  • All of our options include at home whitening trays for future use. Refills on the whitening gel are also ½ off until Januaray 31st as well.

  • How long does whitening last? Everyone is different, but the more your expose your teeth to stain causing food and drinks such as Wine, Tea, Coffee and Soda the more frequently you will have to whiten.

  • It is always good to maintain your whitening with periods of follow up whitening. Generally 6 days of at home whitening for every 6 months is a good rule to follow.

All whitening options can cause some short term tooth sensitivity, so we advise using a sensitivity tooth paste (Sensodyne) for 2 weeks prior and after whitening.

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