Time for a better fitting denture

Do you hate the way your denture fits? It may be time to reline! Over time, your mouth changes and your denture needs to as well. Relining is a process where we refit your denture to your current tissues. This is important to do every few years to avoid food getting trapped and gum irritation.

Relining a denture can be done a few ways, the most popular is the soft reline. A soft reline is the application of a softer more comfortable material to the inside of your denture. This process makes your denture fit tightly and comfortable to your tissues. The process is done in the office, in one visit. Because the material is softer, it may wear down faster than a hard reline. In the end, patients leave the office the same day with a more comfortable and better fitting denture.

Looking for a better fit with a longer lasting material? It may be time for a hard reline. Similar to a soft reline, a hard reline will improve the fit of your dentures but it is done so with a harder material. A better adaptation of your denture to your tissues will make your dentures more comfortable as well. The harder acrylic makes your dentures less likely to break and wear down. The overall process usually takes 2 appointments to complete and we will need to send the denture to our laboratory to process the hard material properly. Therefore we will borrow your denture for a day to get the process complete.

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