Are your teeth sensitive?

Do you avoid cold drinks or ice cream because your teeth are sensitive? There are some simple at home remedies for tooth sensitivity.

  1. Sensodyne tooth paste: Of all the sensitivity toothpastes, we have found that Sensodyne works the best for at home treatment. It may take a week or two of use for the paste to work but once it gets working, it does a great job so you can enjoy your favorite foods.

  2. Add a fluoride rinse to your routine. Fluoride has been shown to decrease sensitivity in teeth by strengthening your enamel. The added strength prevents penetration of cold from reaching the nerves in your tooth.

  3. Use a soft or extra soft brush. Harder bristled brushes can cause the enamel to wear thin, causing your teeth to be sensitive.

  4. Buy a night time mouth guard. Do you grind or clinch your teeth at night? This is one of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity. Grinding your teeth during the night causes your enamel to wear thin and teeth become sensitive. Wearing a mouth guard protects your enamel and allows your body to build up a natural barrier to the cold.

Have you tried these at home remedies and still no relief? Pay a visit to the dentist for evaluation. We can check to be sure there isn’t a larger problem causing your sensitivity, like cavity or infection. Even if there is no cavity, there are plenty of simple fixes for tooth sensitivity in the office:

  1. An application of Fluoride Varnish. Similar to a fluoride rinse, this application of fluoride strengthens your enamel and cuts down in sensitivity. The process is easy, we dry the surface of your teeth and paint on the varnish. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes and we have delicious flavors such as Mint, Cookie Dough and Carmel.

  2. Excessive wear on your teeth can be addressed by placing small tooth colored fillings over the areas where the enamel has worn away. These restorations blend in seamlessly to your natural teeth and often times require little to no drilling.

Do you have sensitivity? Start with the home remedies and if those don’t help consult your dentist to see what is causing the problem. Don’t have a dentist? Give us a call 317-887-0700 to set up an appointment.

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