Salute to Small Business: Crash Beds

Welcome to Kumfer Family Dental presents our Salute to Small Business! In these blog articles we highlight local companies that help grow our communities. This week we are going to highlight our discussion with Brandon Landes from Crash Beds.

Brandon is an Indiana native. He was raised in Fort Wayne, IN and graduated from Indiana University. Brandon served in the United States Army for 8 years before getting into the bedding business. His faithless service to help others is one of the reasons Brandon founded Crash Beds. Recognizing most people can’t afford a good mattress, many people are missing out on quality sleep. According to Brandon, “You spend 1/3 of your life in bed (or you should). Proper, deep sleep is key to health, happiness, productivity, well-being, cognition, recovery...and the list goes on.”

Crash Beds was founded in 2017 with the intent to provide people a comfortable night sleep at an affordable price. Between Brandon and his business partner Matt Street, they have overseen the production of over 1 million bedding products. Seeing the large mark ups on premium bedding, Matt and Brandon decided to go into the bedding business themselves to provide Luxury, Custom and Affordable beds to the people of Indianapolis. “I knew the cost that went into making a mattress, and was uncomfortable with the extremely high prices that retailers charge consumers. As a consumer, I want to pay for the actual value of the mattress: quality sleep. Not markup and overhead” stated Brandon.

They found that selling directly to consumers allotted them to price their mattresses at a cheaper price than the more traditional mattress brands, while using the same quality manufacturing and materials. Not only do they provide a quality product, every mattress sold by Crash Beds is made their facility in Greenwood. Being direct to consumer and locally made, Crash Beds can provide a luxury no other mattress company can. Brandon went into what makes them different, “We have the ability to be completely customizable with different types of foam, pocket springs, and covers. Customers can come into our showroom and try different combinations until they find the exact comfort level that they want, then we go to our connected factory and make it right in front of them.”

Having already low prices, Crash Beds does not do the typical “Mattress Blowout” sales you will see at other stores, but being a local community, they do offer some incentives to check out their mattresses. Brandon mentioned, “We want to grow our communities, increase general happiness, and give back to organizations that are doing great things in this world.” Now until the end of the year, when someone purchases a mattress from Crash Beds, they will donate $25 to the USO of Indiana. Also if you mention the Hoosiers Veteran Assistance Foundation (HVAF), they will donate a portion of that sale as well.

Looking for a new mattress? Check out Crash Beds at or make an appointment for a custom mattress by giving them a call 317-601-4436.

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