What to do with a Knocked Out Tooth

It’s summer time and that means barbecue, baseball and knocked out teeth? Summer seems to be when the most trauma is done to teeth. Whether it’s a baseball to the chin or falling near the pool, accidents happen and they can really mess with your teeth. Today, we will discuss what to do when trauma leads to a knocked out tooth.

If you have an accident and the whole tooth comes out, don’t panic. There is a chance we can still save your tooth if these proper steps are taken:

  1. Call your dental office immediately to see about getting in right away. Our office number is 317-887-0700. The sooner we can get you into the office, the better chances the tooth can be saved.

  2. Handle the tooth carefully by the crown of the tooth and avoid touching the root. Avoid cleaning the tooth with anything other than a light rinse of milk or water.

  3. Keep the tooth moist. Ideally you should place the tooth in Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution, but in most cases it’s not available. You can also use a cup of milk. If you can’t find milk, you can put the tooth in your mouth or a cup of saliva. Avoid placing the tooth in a child’s mouth as it can create a choking hazard.

  4. Once at the office, we will exam the area and the tooth to see if we can re-plant the tooth into the socket. Things to expect to be done at the office:

  5. X-rays of the socket before and after the tooth is replanted.

  6. Gentle cleansing of the tooth and the socket.

  7. Re-plantation of the tooth.

  8. Stabilization of the tooth with orthodontic wire or tooth colored filling.

  9. Plan for further treatment such as a root canal or crown.

  10. It is usually recommended to have a tetanus booster and antibiotic to prevent infection.

It’s a good idea to keep your dentists phone number in your contacts list so that if an emergency does pop up, you don’t have to waste time. Follow these steps outlined and we should have a good chance at saving your tooth!

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