A Zing In Your Tooth

Have you ever had a tooth that zings when you bite down? Does it cause a sharp pain or ache after chewing? You may have Cracked Tooth Syndrome.

Cracked tooth syndrome is when a crack in the tooth extends into the nerves in the tooth and when you bite together, causes the tooth put pressure on the nerve. Cracks can form in teeth for many different reasons. The first of which is frequently chewing hard items such as ice or hard candies. While your enamel is much harder than these items, one tiny crack can start and progress with every crunch. People that grind their teeth also tend to have a higher rate of cracking teeth. The grinding motion often puts stress on the tooth enamel that can lead to cracks or can wear the teeth down althogether. The other major cause of a cracked tooth, is the presence of large fillings. The larger the filling, the less tooth is around to hold the filling in place. Often times these large fillings weaken the existing tooth structure much the same way cutting a piece of fabric makes it easier to tear. Cracked tooth syndrome is pretty common and can be treated if found early enough.

How do we treat cracked tooth syndrome? The treatment usually consists of stabilizing the tooth and removing as much of the crack as possible. The easiest way of stabilizing the tooth is to place a crown over the tooth. The crown acts like a splint to hold the tooth together. If there is a large filling present, it is often important to replace the filling to provide for additional stability and a better fitting crown. In some instances the nerve of the tooth may need removed and a root canal performed. If left untreated, these cracks can lead to the tooth completely breaking which can be unrepairable.

Looking to lower the chances of you getting a cracked tooth?

  • Limit chewing hard food such as ice, hard candies and nuts

  • Where a night appliance to prevent grinding your teeth together

  • Be sure to visit the dentist often to check any existing fillings and larger dental restorations

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