Salute to Small Business: Innaus

Welcome to our Salute to Small Business blog series! In these articles, I want to take the time to tell you about some small businesses in our area that we have worked with and trust will do a great job for you. This week, I sat down with the owner and operator of Innaus, Brent Kumfer.

Innaus is an innovation and consulting firm that helps bring ideas to life. The company motto is “Find your turning point at Innaus.” They have worked to develop innovative products with big names in industry such as General Electric and Carrier. Innaus was founded in 2016 and the company specializes in helping established businesses and entrepreneurs deliver innovative solutions to their markets.

Brent has quite a bit of experience in the area of innovation. Along with a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Brent has also been issued 17 patents. Brent came up with the idea for Innaus while reading Luke 24:13-35 about 2 disciples traveling to the town of Emmaus. In the story, the disciples unknowingly travel with the resurrected Jesus only to discover this fact at the end of their journey. This Aha! moment gave Brent the concept for his business as they look to help other businesses and entrepreneurs to find their Aha! moment.

Looking to start your innovation process? Brent recommends beginning by finding a problem. After the problem has been identified, develop an idea for a solution. Next, discuss the ideas with others to see if it solves the problem and gather feedback for improving the concept. A mistake he often sees is people developing a product first and finding out it doesn’t fit anyone’s need. After your initial design and feedback, it is important to revisit the design for improvements. If you get stuck, that is where Innaus can help out.

What advice would Brent have if you are looking to start a business? Have faith and take the leap. There are a million excuses you (or your support network for that matter) might come up with to not start a business or to put it off. Trust me, I have told myself many of them. Don’t accept any of them. The first step is the hardest and it’s scary but you never know until you try. Besides, worst case scenario you fail, give up, and enter the job market with business owner on your resume.

You can learn more about Innaus at their webpage:

If you know any small businesses you have used and had a great experience, let us know so we can check them out! You can send us a message on facebook at or leave them in the comments below.

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