How you keep your Invisalign looking like new.

You have started your journey to a better smile with Invisalign. You have been wearing your current set of aligners for a week now…but it’s been a tough week with lots of coffee. So while you want to be wearing your aligners all day you have managed to drink a few cups of coffee while wearing your aligners…and now they are starting to look yellow. What do you do? Here are a few helpful tips to keep your aligners looking like new!

  1. Brush your aligners daily! Use some warm water, a tooth brush and hand or dish soap to give them a good scrub. While toothpaste works ok, it doesn’t do anything from daily stains.

  2. For deep rooted stains, soak your Aligners in a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and warm water. This is a good tip for any dental appliances...bite guards, retainers, and dentures can benefit from this on a regular basis.

  3. Be sure to change Aligners regularly. Each Aligner should only be worn for two weeks unless otherwise directed by your dentist.

  4. Don’t eat or drink with your Aligners in and brush your teeth after each meal before replacing the Aligners. The only thing that you consume with your Aligners in is water.

Follow these simple guidelines and your Aligners should look as good as the first day you wore them!

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