Is exercise hurting your teeth?

Springtime is just around the corner, and shortly after it will be summer time. Now is the time of year people starting really focusing on getting their “Beach Body” ready by shedding a few extra pounds packed on from the long winter season. Did you know exercise can impact your teeth? Keep your mouth healthy while you get fit by keeping these things in mind.

Stay hydrated

Exercise induces sweat, which in turn dehydrates your body. One of the many signs of dehydration is dry mouth due to lack of saliva. Saliva is the body’s natural defense against tooth decay and gingivitis. So be sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated! Do you feel like you are having dry mouth during longer work outs and still getting plenty of water? Try using a sugar free gum to help stimulate saliva flow.

Limit the sports drinks

Many of the sports drinks on the market today are designed for taste over performance and are often full of sugar. This increased exposure to sugar during your workout fuels the bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities.

Wear a mouth guard

While most people know to wear a mouth guard during contact sports such as football, lacrosse and hockey, people seem to neglect them during other strenuous activities such as lifting weights. Strenuous activities tend to lead people to clinch and grind their teeth while they are pushing for one more rep. This strain can lead to chipped teeth, irritated jaw muscles and problems with your TMJ. If you find yourself clinching your teeth during your workout, try using a mouth guard to relieve the jaw muscles and joints.

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