Drinking Water, a Great Way to Fight Tooth Decay

What is an easy way to help fight tooth decay? Drink more water! Drinking water has several pertinent effects.

First, staying hydrated allows your body to adequately produce the saliva you need to keep your mouth healthy. Saliva is mostly water but also contains several enzymes that kill bacteria and prevent them from adhering to your tooth surface. Also, saliva contains minerals such as calcium that bind to you tooth enamel to rebuild and strengthen your enamel.

Second, the act of drinking water helps remove left over food and bacteria from your mouth. Drinking water after a meal is a great practice to make sure you get your teeth a little cleaner. A simple swish and swallow dilutes the food and bacteria in your mouth, making them less harmful to your teeth.

Third, unless you live in a rural area, your tap water contains added Fluoride to help with tooth decay. The standard of water fluoridation is 0.8 parts per million and studies have shown that adding fluoride to a community water source has reduced tooth decay from 40-60%! So skip buying the bottled water and fill a cup up at your sink, you teeth and wallet will thank you!

So take a second, fill up your glass and take a drink of the miracle that is water!

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