Salute to Small Business: Ensign CPA Group

Welcome to our Salute to Small Business blog series. In these articles, we want to take the time to promote small businesses in our area that we have worked with and trust will do a great job for you. This week, I sat down with Todd Ensign, President and Owner of Ensign CPA Group and discussed his approach to taxes and running his small business.

Todd Ensign is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has been since 1986. Todd previously was Tax Partner with the national accounting firm of Capin Crouse until 2013, when he purchased the commercial and individual tax practice from Capin Crouse and formed Ensign CPA Group. So, while Ensign CPA Group is a “new” company, their staff have been serving local businesses and individuals for over 45 years.

Ensign CPA Group is a growing firm which currently employs 7 staff members. The motto of Ensign CPA Group is “Partners in Your Success,” with the goal of partnering with their clients to help them succeed through proper preparation and planning. They provide both hourly as well as fee based tax services for businesses, not-for-profits, and individuals, including ministers and U.S. citizens working in foreign countries.

When discussing tax preparation, whether for personal or business, Todd recommends using a professional tax service you trust instead of the online or software based platforms. Having a professional guide you through the complex maze of tax and business compliance regulations can prove highly beneficial. Also, identity theft is on the rise, and to help prevent ID theft, Ensign CPA Group uses several layers of security as well as a well-protected clearing house to file taxes electronically.

Todd offered some great advice for running a successful business, too. “A wise individual once said, ‘Idle hands bring poverty; diligent hands bring wealth.’ Life is fast paced, and if we are not careful, we can easily find ourselves doing much but accomplishing little. As individuals and business owners it is important that we have a clear mission, and we are diligent in implementing the steps needed to bring success.”

You can check Todd and Ensign CPA Group online at Tax time is upon us! Request a consultation and mention Kumfer Family Dental for a discount on services!

As always, if you know any small businesses you have used and had a great experience, let us know so we can check them out! You can send us a message on Facebook at

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