What's in your child's drink?

Does your child eat healthy foods, brushes their teeth twice a day and floss daily but still get cavities? You may want to rethink their drink. Did you know, that 12 ounces of orange juice has nearly as much sugar as 12 ounces Red Bull? That’s right. Minute Maid Orange Juice contains 9 grams of sugar compared to the 10 grams of sugar in the same amount of Red Bull. That is crazy! The similarities doesn’t end there either. The pH is a measure of acidity, the lower the pH means the more acidic a substance. Minute Maid Orange Juice has a pH of 3.8 compared to Red Bull at a pH of 3.3. Compare those numbers to that of Water at a pH of 7 or Milk at a pH of 6.7, you can see just how close the orange juice and Red Bull are in pH.

Both the acidity and sugar content can contribute to an increase in cavities. This works by creating a favorable environment for cavity causing bacteria. When you mouth is more acidic, the acid weakens the enamel, which allows for bacteria to adhere to the surface of your teeth better. Once on your tooth’s surface, sugar fuels the bacteria to grow and as a byproduct releases more acid. This acid continues to breakdown your tooth until there is a cavity!

So when it comes to choosing your child’s drink, think about your options. It may be a better idea to switch out the juice for milk or water. If you are worried about your child getting the nutrients from the juice, studies show that eating a serving of fruit is a much healthier and more beneficial than drinking your fruit. Eating fruit often contains much more fiber and other vitamins.

If you would like to learn more about what drinks are bad for you childs teeth, visit http://drinksdestroyteeth.org. There you can compare juice, milk, pop, energy drinks and much more. You can also check out their app on you favorite app store.

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