Dental Benefits Set to Expire

With the end of 2016 coming to a close, your dental benefits may also be coming to an end. Many dental plans renew on January 1st. What does that mean to you? Most plans have a yearly cap on how much the plan will spend on your mouth. Any left over money on your plan does not roll over to the following year and it is wasted. Do you have a filling that needs to be done? Been putting off that crown? Now is the time to get these things taken care of because you never know what 2017 will bring. No matter how much is left in your account at the end of the year, it will reset at the beginning of the next year. For instance if you have a maximum of $1,000 in benefits and you use $500 of your benefits, when January rolls around your account resets and you will again have $1,000. How does this effect you? If you put this treatment off until January, you will be using $500 of your 2017 benefits, so if additional work needs done you will only have $500 worth of benefits to use.

Now is also a great time to maximize you benefits. Say you have $2,000 worth of dental treatment that needs done. Getting some of the treatment prior to January and some treatment in the New Year will allow you to maximize the money you have invested in your dental insurance. Getting $1,000 worth of treatment in December maximizes out your benefits, but when January comes around your benefits reset, thus giving you another $1,000 from your plan to take care of your teeth.

It is extremely important not to put off items like crowns, bridges, denture and other longer treatments as it may take 1-2 weeks for the final prosthetic to be made and most insurances you can only bill on dates the prosthetic is delivered. For instance, if you need a crown, it takes 2 weeks for the laboratory to make the final crown. That means if you wait until after Christmas, you won’t get the final crown until January and the crown will be billed to insurance in January, thus using your 2017 benefits instead of your 2016 benefits.

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