Top 5 Scariest Candy This Halloween: #1

It’s Halloween!!! Today we end our countdown of the Top 5 Scariest Candy for Your Teeth! Coming in at #1 on our countdown is…Sugar Babies!

With a name like Sugar Babies or the larger version the Sugar Daddy, it’s no wonder your teeth should fear these sugary treats. The Sugar Baby snack size or 21 g contains 15 g of sugar! This number is pretty comparable to that of a Candy Corn or Fun Dip package, but have you ever eaten a Sugar Baby? Once you close your teeth together the caramel goodness locks onto your tooth that it may take the jaws of life the pry apart your teeth again. These and Milk Duds have enough force to pull out loose fillings or crowns! I am convinced that these sticky treats could stick to your teeth for days if you didn’t brush.

Want to make these candies even more dangerous? I have heard people like to stick them in the freezer and eat them frozen. I highly recommend you don’t do this as it is similar to eating rocks and could break your tooth.

I hope you have enjoyed our fun Halloween countdown. Be sure to enjoy your Trick or Treating as well as some candy, but be sure to brush afterward!

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