Top 5 Scariest Candy This Halloween: #2

It’s Halloween! That means decorations, costumes, haunted houses and Trick or Treating! To celebrate we are counting down our Top 5 Scariest Candies this Halloween! Coming in at #2 on our list is the Sour Patch Kids.

Sour patch kids have a little less sugar than a Fun Dip at 9 g per 0.5 oz (1 fun size pack) but are much stickier. Sticky foods will lock on to your teeth and remain there for hours. This allows the bacteria to breakdown the sugars in the food for fuel. These bacteria then create acids that damage your tooth.

To make Sour Patch Kids worse is that they are more acidic than your chocolate based candies. This acidity can speed up the cavity process as well as damage the enamel on your teeth.

The sugar, stickiness and acidity make the Sour Patch Kid a triple whammy of dental disaster. Treat in moderation!

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