Top 5 Scariest Candy This Halloween: #3

It’s Halloween! That means decorations, costumes, haunted houses and Trick or Treating! To celebrate we are counting down our Top 5 Scariest Candies this Halloween! Continuing our list at #3 is Candy Corn.

Candy Corn have more sugar per package than a Fun Dip at 16 g per 0.69 oz (~1 fun size pack) but are much stickier. Sticky foods will lock on to your teeth and remain there for hours. This allows the bacteria to breakdown the sugars in the food for fuel. These bacteria then create acids that damage your tooth.

The sugar and stickiness make Candy Corn a double threat to dental decay. Candy corn is a staple of Halloween. In our house, we mix them in a bowl with peanuts and usually eat a large bowl in less than a day. If you keep to eating these once a year, that is probably best for your teeth.

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