Top 5 Scariest Candy This Halloween: #5

It’s Halloween! That means decorations, costumes, haunted houses and Trick or Treating! To celebrate we are counting down our Top 5 Scariest Candies this Halloween! Starting off our list is number 5...The Raisinet.

First off, you are tricking yourself if you think this is a “healthy” option to indulge your sweet tooth. “Hey, they have raisins, they are good for you.” Let’s break this down for a second. A grape is one of the most sugary fruits that nature makes. Now, to make a raisin all of the water is taken out and the grape is shrunk down to about 1/3 of the size but with all the sugar left. Thus the raisin in itself is already pretty sweet with 16 g of sugar per 1.25 oz but add some chocolate on top and the Raisinets come out to a whopping 22g of sugar per 1.25 oz. The 1.25 oz is the fun size packaging that you will see coming out of front door across America on Halloween.

Not only are the Raisinets high in sugar, they are extremely sticky. Sticky foods tend to get into your teeth and stay there for longer periods of time. This extended exposure allows the bacteria in your mouth to use the sugar for fuel and start attacking your teeth and breaking down your enamel.

When it comes to fruit, keep it healthy and the sugar and chocolate out of it.

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