Can you skip the filling?

Dentistry is an ever changing practice. New techniques and new products continue to come out and evolve. While not new to the rest of the world, a new product in the US has been cleared to be used in dentistry that could be a game changer. In 2015, the FDA approved the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride in the US. Silver Diamine Fluoride has been used in Japan for over 50 years to help treat sensitivity and tooth decay. While this application is not a cure all for all cavities, it does show a remarkable ability of stopping smaller cavities and may prevent the need for fillings. Studies have shown, a yearly application to a cavity has shown to be 95% effective at stopping the cavity from getting any larger as well as hardening the bacteria filled tooth structure in the process. The application of the material is simple, it is painted on using a small brush and allowed to penetrate the cavity. After a few seconds, the material is air dried and the extra is rinsed away. Silver diamine kills the bacteria found in the cavity and the silver penetrates and hardens the affected tooth structure. This does create a hard, dark area where the cavity is, but when performed on a back tooth it may look similar to an amalgam filling. Many people, especially kids that refuse to have fillings done, benefit from the application of the Silver Diamine Fluoride. Next time you are in our office, ask us if Silver Diamine Fluoride is right for you!

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