Coffee and You!

Coffee can cause significant yellow staining on your teeth. Does this staining make coffee bad for your teeth? In this article we will take a look at the pros and cons of coffee and your teeth.

What are the downsides to coffee? The most obvious is the staining. While the staining by itself is does not mean your teeth are unhealthy, it does look less appealing than the bright white you see from actors on your favorite sitcom. To combat the staining it is important to get on a regular whitening schedule, discuss what is appropriate with your dentist. Along with staining, drinking coffee can leave you with coffee breath. To avoid the dreaded coffee breath, it is best to rinse or chew gum following your morning cup of java. Other downsides? Many people add spoonfuls of sugar and cream to their coffee. Adding sugar gives bacteria the energy they need to cause a cavity!

Is there anything good about coffee? If you have even studied all night for an exam or soothed a screaming baby all night, chances are you know the big PERK of drinking coffee. Studies have shown heightened alertness and improvement of cognitive function for people who drink coffee. Not only is coffee good at keeping you sharp, some studies have also shown to reduce the amount of active bacteria in your mouth! Several studies have been performed on the activity of biofilm in the presence of coffee. In these studies, coffee has been shown to cause bacterial death, and release of calcium into the surrounding environment. Both of these are a huge plus for coffee! Not only has coffee been shown to kill oral bacteria but the calcium released is good to help rebuild your tooth structure! All of these studies were performed using coffee by itself, with no added sugars or creamers.

In summary, coffee by itself can be very beneficial to your teeth as long as you are not adding sugar. To avoid some of the negative side effects of coffee breath and staining, it is important to keep good oral hygiene practices and you may want to get on a regular whitening schedule to keep your teeth bright and white.

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