Your Child's First Dental Visit

When should you first bring your child in to see the dentist? This is a great question that many parents ask. Generally speaking we like to see your child come with you to the office during your routine exam and cleaning around their first birthday. During your visit we can take some time to get them comfortable with the office environment, show them how to brush their teeth, go over good oral health habits, and look at their teeth to make sure they are coming in correctly and are healthy. We typically don’t make separate appointments for just them, because at one year of age they will not sit still long enough to need too much time. After the age of 3, children can begin to have their own dental appointments and if they have been coming with you during your visits they should do great at their first appointment!

The exception to this is if you feel like your child is having problems with their teeth. If they aren’t eating and pointing to their mouth or if you notice any swelling around their teeth and gums, give us a call and we can see them as soon as possible.

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