How to Stop a Cavity: Part II

In our previous blog article “What is a Cavity?” we discussed what causes a cavity, in this article we will discuss how to stop cavities from forming. The collection of bacteria on teeth is what causes the breakdown and loss of minerals on the tooth surface, causing a cavity. Keeping that in mind, the best ways to stop cavities from forming are to remove the bacteria, remove the bacterial food source and to add minerals back onto the tooth. In part two of this series we will focus on ways to prevent the bacteria from collecting on the teeth.

Cavities can be prevented by limiting the growth of the bacteria that cause a cavity. Creating a poor environment for the bacteria to grow causes the bacteria to grow at a much slower rate. One way of creating a poor environment for the bacteria includes limiting the consumption of the bacteria’s food source. A bacteria needs simple sugars to fuel its cell body. Reducing the simple sugars you consume, limits the access the bacteria has to the fuel it needs to grow. These items include soda pop, juices, chocolate milk, some sports drinks, candies, and other high sugar items. Also, the bacteria that cause cavities thrive best in an acidic environment. Removing acidic sources of drinks and food can leave the mouth less acidic and therefore limit the growth potential of the bacteria. Drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and juices are often highly acidic which creates an ideal environment for the bacteria to grow.

Creating a healthy mouth starts by creating a less favorable environment for the bacteria that are in your mouth. Start by limiting the added sugars and acidic foods and drinks that you consume as a great way to jump start a cavity free lifestyle.

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