Straight Teeth, More than Just Looks

Many people believe orthodontics, braces, or Invisalign is purely for cosmetics. While straightening teeth can look great, there are more reasons to align the teeth than just the way they look.

Teeth that are crowded or misaligned have a higher chance of having gum disease or periodontitis. The reasoning behind this is simple, many times teeth are crowded and rotated and thus create a more difficult space to clean. These areas of crowding can collect food and bacteria creating a perfect scenario for gum disease. The inability to clean the crowded teeth also increases the chance of a person getting a cavity. By relieving the crowding and straightening the teeth, the toothbrush can access more of the tooth surface and thus keep the area clean.

A proper bite is another reason to align the teeth using orthodontics. When 1-2 teeth are out of alignment a person will use the other teeth to help handle the chewing. This added stress to the other teeth can cause unneeded wear and tear on those teeth in the long term that may lead to teeth chipping or breaking. Also, teeth out of the proper bite can also cause the wearing away of tooth structure around the gumline or wear on the biting surface.

While straightening the teeth will certainly lead to a great look, it also provides for a better functioning mouth. Straighter teeth have a lower chance of getting periodontal disease and cavities. Putting the teeth in proper alignment also decreases the wear on teeth and increases the longevity of the teeth. Be sure to ask your dentist if orthodontics is right for you and how it can help!

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