When it comes to Dental Benefits, Be a User, not a Loser!

With 2015 coming to a close, many people’s dental benefits are getting ready to reset on January 1st. What does that mean? Now is the perfect time to get into the dentist!! The following are the three reasons you should get to the dentist right now:

  • First, most insurance plans cover 100% of cleanings, x-rays and exams twice a year! If you haven’t been in to get your teeth cleaned twice this year, you still have time to take full advantage of you benefits. Most plans will pay for two cleanings a year, NOT one cleaning every six months. And, isn’t it a great feeling walking around with freshly cleaned pearly whites?

  • Second, most plans have a yearly maximum. This is the total amount of money an insurance plan will pay for procedures during the year. While most plans will pay 50-80% of each procedure, they will pay that percentage until the maximum is reached. For example, if you have a $1000 maximum, the insurance company will pay 50-80% of the cost on dental procedures until they have paid a total of $1000 this year. If you need work done, and you don’t take advantage of your benefits, you are wasting the money left until your maximum.

  • Third, if you have major dental work that needs to be done now is the perfect time to get in to use your benefits. Because you have a yearly maximum, you may take full advantage of you benefits by using all of your 2015 maximum amount and then when January 1st rolls around you can continue your treatment with a fresh yearly maximum to use. Thus if you have major treatment that needs done you can get double the maximum based on the timing your treatment.

If you don’t use your 2015 dental benefits, come January 1st, they will reset and you will lose anything you haven’t used. So don’t be a loser, be a user!

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