Kumfer Family Dental Education Corner

At Kumfer Family Dental we believe education is never over.  Dr. Kumfer hundreds of continuing education hours!  We are constantly learning up to date information and techniques to provide the best treatment to our patients.  Here are our most recent certified courses:

-American Academy of Facial Esthetics Botox and Dermal Fillers (11/1/2019)

-Obstructive Sleep Apnea (2/22/2019)

-2019 New Dental Products (2/21/2019)

-The Role of the Dental Professional in Teeth Whitening (11/16/2018)

-Drugs, Bugs and Dental Products (4/13/2018)

-Opioid Crisis (3/21/2018)

-Optimal Treatment Solution for Edentulous Patients using All-on-4 (12/9/2017)

-Contemporary Atraumatic Oral Surgery (11/10/2017)

-Oral Cancer (8/15/2017)

-The Link between Periodontal Disease and Obesity (6/13/2017)

-Unlocking the Secrets of Invisalign Retention (4/10/2017)

-Newest Techniques for Implants and Dentures (4/7/2017)

-Infection Prevention (1/10/2017)